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House Appropriations Bill on the Floor

Next week, the House will be amending the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of Fiscal Year 2017. This will set federal spending levels for the EPA’s SRF programs and will capitalize the WIFIA program.

Earlier today, NUCA National's Director of Government Relations, Will Brown, sent out a Political Insider email alerting members of a nation-wide call to action. Please use the link below to send a letter to your Representatives promoting NUCA's priorities.

Your action is needed, because the House version will cut $186 million from the SRFs compared to last year’s enacted levels, but the Senate version would increase the appropriations levels by $114 million. On the other hand, the House version will capitalize the WIFIA program with $50 million but the Senate will only capitalize WIFIA with $30 million. We'd like the best of both worlds, so let your representatives know you'd like them to adjust the SRF numbers, and keep the appropriations for WIFIA.

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