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Virtual Washington Summit - May 2021 


Capitol Insider - February 

Tell Congress: Stop The PRO Act!

Democrats Take Control of The U.S. Senate

Pete Buttigieg Confirmed as New USDOT Secretary

Boston Mayor Walsh Nominated for USDOL Secretary

Biden Meets With Senators On Infrastructure

Sen. Manchin Urges Reversal of Keystone XL Pipeline Cancellation

NUCA 2021 Washington (Virtual) Summit

Carper to Lead Senate Public Works Committee

NUCA Opposes Increase in Truck Liability Coverage

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Tell Congress - Stop the PRO Act!

Congress is once again considering the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 842), despite its defeat last year. This "Big Labor" wish list, which has been a work-in-progress over the last decade, would systematically and fundamentally alter labor law in favor of unions at the expense of the rights of employees and employers alike. Although supporters of the PRO Act claim it will help workers organize, the bill actually infringes on employee rights and privacy, violates employers’ right to due process, deregulates union activity, and limits opportunities to achieve the American dream.


NUCA vigorously opposes the PRO Act. We urge you to do the same, and let your Members of Congress know it! NUCA's Action Center lets you submit a pre-written letter to tell your lawmakers to stop this disastrous piece of legislation in its tracks. Your e-mail letter will take only a few minutes of your time but could help save your employees and business at a time when our economy can least afford this ill-advised legislation.  Go to our Action Center.

Democrats Take Control of U.S. Senate

With the two Jan. 5 Georgia Senate elections going to the Democrats, two weeks after the Jan. 20 Inaugural, the Democrats took official control of the U.S. Senate on Feb. 3 with a power-sharing agreement with Republicans. This agreement establishes how to run a Senate evenly split at 50-50. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) argued since Jan. 20 over how to structure Senate rules. This agreement allows Senate Democratic leadership to hold committee hearings on controversial Biden Administration nominees. More here.

Pete Buttigieg Confirmed as New USDOT Secretary

The U.S. Senate confirmed the former South Bend, Ind., mayor on an 86-13 vote Feb. 3 to lead the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. In response, NUCA released this statement on social media: "NUCA congratulates Secretary @PeteButtigieg on his bipartisan confirmation vote to lead @USDOT.


"As a former mayor of a city with #infrastructure over a century old, Buttigieg understands how critical concrete and steel is to a community's health and growth. Buttigieg's strong support for a major #infrastructure package at a time when our nation needs it most shows that he is willing and eager to tackle the many challenges facing us at this pivotal moment in our nation's history."


"NUCA looks forward to working with Sec. Buttigieg and his team to rebuild and expand America's essential #infrastructure systems."

NUCA Thanks Our Many National Partners For Their Generous Support Of NUCA's Advocacy Programs

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Nominated for USDOL Secretary

A U.S. Senate committee held a hearing Feb. 4 on Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's nomination for Labor Secretary. If confirmed, Walsh would be the first union member to serve in the role in nearly half a century.

"Workers’ protection, equal access to good jobs, the right to join a union, continuing education and job training, access to mental health and substance abuse treatment, these are not just policies to me. I lived them," said Walsh in his Senate HELP Committee hearing. The committee on Feb. 11 voted 18-4 to advance Walsh's nomination to the full Senate for a vote expected soon. More here.

Biden Meets With Senate Committee To Talk Infrastructure

The wheels have slowly started to turn on the new Administration's infrastructure promises. The White House and the President met on Feb. 11 with Senate Environment and Public Works Committee members from both parties to discuss the surface transportation reauthorization bill, which may contain a significant amount of the infrastructure legislation. More here.

Sen. Manchin Urges Reversal of Keystone XL Pipeline Cancellation

In one of his first acts as new chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) urged President Joe Biden on Feb. 9 to reconsider his executive order revoking a presidential permit for the long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline. Manchin said revoking the cross-border permit could have a negative effect on safety, jobs, and energy security in the United States and Canada. NUCA and Republican critics have said Biden's action will cost thousands of high-paying construction jobs. More here.

NUCA 2021 Washington (Virtual) Summit

The 2021 NUCA Washington Summit has been tentatively scheduled as a virtual event during the time period of May 25-27, 2021. 


It was determined at the Feb. 4 NUCA Governmental Affairs Committee meeting that Congressional offices on Capitol Hill would most likely remain off-limits to the public in late May, thus moving our annual advocacy event back online. The 2020 Washington Summit was held entirely online last September, with over 150 members participating.


A final date is expected to be determined soon. Registration should begin in March. #NUCASummit

Carper to Lead Senate Public Works Committee

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) was named chair of the Senate's committee on environment and public works. Sen. Carper said in a January interview with a Delaware media outlet that he want to focus on roads, highways, bridges, and the nation's infrastructure. Carper also said the nation needs to address wastewater management and access to clean water, and increasing broadband internet access to rural areas, all NUCA priorities. More here.

NUCA Opposes Increase in Truck Liability Coverage

NUCA joined a trucker's coalition this month in opposing any increase in the existing minimum liability coverage mandated by federal regulations. Not only is such an increase unnecessary, it will do nothing to improve highway safety and would significantly increase costs. Increasing this coverage would affect all businesses transporting property, including those in the materials industries. Read more.

The complex work of NUCA’s governmental affairs program affects the business of every NUCA member.

Our influence on Capitol Hill and in the federal regulatory agencies is only possible through the strength of the association, and through our partnership with relevant business coalitions who share similar interests and concerns.


We hope you find its information demonstrating your NUCA membership investment directly working for you each day in Washington, D.C., looking out for your business’s interests. NUCA deeply appreciates your support.

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