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Courses Offered

NUCA of Virginia offers a variety of training programs and resources. Members receive exclusive discounts on all training services.


NUCA offers a 10% discount if you bring 5 or more people to our classes. We are very flexible and can offer you “quick” classes and special pricing if you want to hold a large class at your facility.


We can bring NUCA training courses to your Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia location (10 student minimum), including wash-out days, when available. For all these programs, please contact Mike Flowers, NUCA Director of Safety, Education and Training, at or (703) 358-9300 for more information.

NUCA Essential Skills for Crew Leaders
Utility and excavation projects get done most efficiently if workers are divided into crews with a common purpose.
When a crew is formed to tackle a particular job, one person is appointed as the leader. This person is usually an experienced
professional with demonstrated and exceptional leadership qualities. But an effective crew leader must have specific job
skills to run a crew.

NUCA’s Essential Skills for Crew Leaders Training is a two-day, intensive course that trains workers to be effective leaders and
communicators so they can provide clear direction to your crew, and plan and schedule the crew’s work to maximize safety,
production, and profit.  See Full Course Curriculum Here
$725.00/student Member
$825.00/student NonMember
Minimum Class Size 12 Students
Additional Information
Class price includes continental breakfast (donuts & coffee), lunch, course materials, NCCER “Fundamentals of Crew Leadership” Manual, supporting course manual, and Certificate of Completion.
Courses can be smaller than 12 students, but minimum charge will be for 12 students.
If you have any questions regarding NUCA’s Essential Skills for Crew Leaders Training Program, or if you would like to schedule crew leader training, please contact Jim Stepahin, NUCA Director of Education and Training via email at or by phone at 540-842-0032.
NUCA Competent Person Class

Excavation is the most dangerous of all construction operations. More workers are killed or seriously injured in and around excavations than in other phases of construction work, and that’s why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a competent person to oversee all excavation and trenching jobsites. The competent person must have specific training in, and be knowledgeable about, soil analysis, the use of protective systems, and the requirements of OSHA Subpart P.

NUCA’s Excavation Safety Competent Person Training program helps contractors train the competent person and workers. Although the responsibility for designating a competent person is the sole responsibility of the contractor, this program is designed to simplify the task by providing participants with the information and training needed to become a competent person.

The program includes the scope and application of Subpart P—Excavation Standard; definitions; general requirements; requirements for protective systems; soil classification; and handling an OSHA inspection. Each participant receives a training manual that includes a complete copy of the Excavation Standard.

$150 for NUCA members; $175 for non-members

NUCA Confined Space Training 

Millions of employees who enter into confined spaces each year face a significant risk of injury or death. Many of these same employees do not recognize that they may be facing serious unforeseen hazards by working in a confined space.

NUCA’s Confined Space Entry course is intended to provide construction managers, competent persons, and workers with basic information regarding entry into confined spaces. Its purpose is to create an awareness of the hazards associated with confined spaces and to provide managers with basic information necessary to establish a confined space entry program. Every confined space is unique. Therefore, each confined space must be carefully evaluated, and hazards must be eliminated or controlled before a confined space entry supervisor issues an entry permit.

$150 for NUCA members; $175 for non-members

VDOT Basic Work Zone Class 

The Basic Work Zone course is designed for VDOT maintenance managers, private heavy construction workers or superintendents who have direct responsibility for the placement of work zone traffic controls and control devices.

$90 for NUCA members; $120 for non-members

VDOT Intermediate Work Zone Class (2 Days)

This is a two-day training course designed for construction supervisors (foremen, superintendents,  and private engineers or hired consultants) responsible for on-site inspection and placement of traffic control  devices around state highways. Class price includes donuts and coffee, lunch, course materials, and VDOT certification card.

$360 for NUCA members; $390 for non-members

Virginia SCC Miss Utility Damage Prevention Training Class


The Virginia Miss Utility Damage Prevention Course is a short class that reviews all aspects of the Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Act. The class reviews the responsibilities of excavating around existing utilities, how to notify the one call center, how long you have to wait until you can dig, how long your Miss Utility ticket is valid, and many other aspects of the law. 

FREE for NUCA members; $10 for non-members

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