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NUCA of Virginia Regional Chapters

NUCA of Virginia provides state-level representation and industry leadership while also paving the way for regional chapters to be created with support from the statewide and national organziations. Currently only one regional chapter is chartered - Central & Southwest Virginia UCA - which was chartered in 1988 and predates the existence of the NUCA of Virginia statewide chapter. If you would like to get a regional Virginia NUCA chapter started in your area, contact George Hamilton, NUCA of Virginia Executive Director, at or (703) 890-7805.

NUCA of VA Regional Chapter Map

Central & Southwest Virginia Utility Contractors Association

P.O. Box 7521

Roanoke, Virginia 24019

Phone (540) 342-8000

Fax (540) 343-9267


Executive Director: Dave Burns, Core & Main - Roanoke, VA

President: Terry St. Clair, Jack St. Clair Inc. - Roanoke, VA

Change the industry for the better.
Start a chapter in your region.

Make your mark on the industry and start a Virginia regional chapter in your area. 

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